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Sully @ 9

Sully…..the one most like his mama…..spur of the moment…….whole-heartedly…….emotionally tied……most passionate little one I know; okay, there may be a bit of bias going on here, but how can one think otherwise about this kid?  Many days, he is the ending to my late night chaos….a night owl too.  Yes, I admit I’ve been a bit slack in schedules with Sullybug, but for a very good reason in my heart–time with your baby is well worth the nighttime struggles, musical beds, and late night snacks, especially when he says,”I love you” no less than 3 times after the door is shut. Sully was my babe that took 30 minute naps and nursed 24-7; I never thought I’d get through that first year.  But as he grows older, I appreciate his undying energy, his drive to ‘do it’ just one more time, his excuses to stay up with his mama.  There’s something scary about your baby turning 10, although I seem to grow into the idea of another year older, the new aspects it brings, but 10 is different.  So this year is bittersweet…..a baby one more year. And yes, I’ll soak up every ounce.  He gave me a total of about 15 minutes, so I shot how only a mama could…..wide-open…. into his heart, his smiles, his silliness, his solemness….sharing his little boy love.  

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